Impressions of visiting Ocean Plaza - a new cultural and entertainment and social center of the capital, in two ways. On the one hand - a huge volume of the building, the so-called public service, stunning expensive and adaptability in production, on the other - the question, "What can we do?" And, in the first case - something that sought in the context of progress, and in the second - all as usual - tried the best, but it turned out as always.

Obviously, in a professional sense, the three components of any architectural work - a harmonious combination of the external appearance of the building (facade), interior and functionality that have been ignored.

The impression is that the designers involved in project work, not architects (no offense). Chic facade not linked to the halls and galleries, accommodation recreational spaces, atriums - primitive and are not bound to the logistics of the building. And, it's more "victim" rather than visitors who do not know where to go, and most of the investors who, naturally, are counting on such a big profit center. Dissonance disproportionate space for various purposes, make up the center uncomfortable.

Over time, everything will fall into place - will orient visitors, landlords get used, tenants will accept.

Try it, ask the layout of shops, services and facilities? It is not existent. On the example of a private company McDonald's, it would seem a great opportunity to advertise themselves and their placement, printed on the tray of the scheme in terms of the location of the restaurant building, not a large-format advertising coffee. But no, there has not happened!

Of course, getting to the inside, where clearly defined front lines disappear in the foreground is really cutting-edge design trends from the shops, but leaves the perception of integrity and comfort.

Obviously, the construction progress affects the development of the society, but this tool, friends, you should still be able to use.

© Vladimir Glukhomanyuk, 2013