In Kiev, completed the work of the International Salon of Architecture and Design - February INTERIOR MEBEL and KIFF. On more than 30 thousand m2 prepared their exposure leading manufacturers in Italy, China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Turkey ...

Significant events, but were as vivid impressions of visitors and participants of the festival. You may ask, what does the impression - we need real results - the number of participants, visitors, square footage, ratings ..! The thing is that when we talk about art, and the design really is, we are talking about values ​​related to spirituality and culture. You can not judge the quality of the picture from the perspective of only the size of its frame.

So, those who have visited the forum February, will celebrate its conviviality, openness, privacy, culture, organization and management. Comfort and efficiency - these are the main ingredients for success of any exhibition. These two concepts have been fully implemented in INTERIOR MEBEL. And these are the ingredients for success: the height of the main pavilion stands italdizayna - no more than 3.5 meters, width of aisles, the organization of movement, and thus the open stand, the ability to feed exclusively by light suspended structures, light quality, recreation and business negotiations, etc. And most importantly - the quality of architecture and design of stands. Many young architects and designers, creative groups to express themselves, to realize their projects, which is inherent novelty of the approach and technology. The exposition "standard" has been built in a separate part of the pavilion. And another thing, feedback from participants and visitors, not for the sake of it and works exhibition business. They - very positive. The main result - the satisfaction of the visit and work at the exhibition. Key impression - the change of epochs, stretching into the past sovdepovskie approach, new names, clean lines, competition, real prospects.

For those who attended the March show, I'm sure, have experienced frustration and fatigue, regret the lost time. In short, with an exhibition pavilion Italian design - a market of glamor, and a pavilion with national exhibitors - glamorous market. On the quality of judge for yourself - in the Italian design: stands with a height of 4.5 m with narrow aisles and widely developed frieze hanging over you, do not carry any information, and will likely only increase the cost of the event. As part of local participants: low-grade design, against which no new items on display for a long time, in the cramped conditions of movement without recreation and negotiations. Even Stand Design LAB center novelties, master classes and workshops, as brilliantly designed, has changed beyond recognition. Obviously, the distinguished contractor for the preparation for its production and assembly work. Apparently, that the haste with which the organizers are preparing a plan, has played a cruel joke. It is common knowledge that a lot - does not mean good. Intuitively, this' fireworks design "fades.

Finally, the basic ideas are realized Ukrainian architecture, design, technology, and the names will be adequately represented in the global market and our hospitality to anyone in the world will not be in doubt. Necessary to prepare such a scale events with positions not shtetl interests of individual fairground organizers, groups, backroom agreements, and from the standpoint of aesthetics and national culture, which means that in the near future, it is necessary to organize a single supply of the above values. Let it be UKRANIAN DESIGN WEEK, or KYIV DESIGN FAST. Let it be a real treat, a forum, a platform for communication, a source of inspiration for all of us ..!

© Vladimir Glukhomanyuk, 2013