Continued construction – a natural process. After appropriate preparation: control calculations, due to the manufacturers of materials, organization of work, advice – open a new construction season and the stage in the construction of the facility in Plesetsk, Vasilkovskaja district. Produced by stacking panels overlap at the mark. -0,300 before the erection of the exterior walls. Characteristic vents and chimneys have already taken their place in the thickness of the walls according to the completed project.

During the design process before the architect raises a number of problems whose solution depends on the quality of future construction. No less important is the control, supervision, the compliance of construction works and drawings project. There are no unsolvable problems ... And they, unfortunately, accompanied by the construction process permanently. Identification of possible failures to minimize material losses and psychological upheaval involved. The confidence of partners and pleasant experience from the construction – these are the components of success.

Construction – polysyllabic event. Its purpose – to the final product: building, construction, home, organization of space, landscape, etc. The desire of the customer to implement his plan, the talent of the architect, the qualification of contractors – a triangular foundation stone of any architectural structure.

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