You ask me - what style I work ..? I never thought about this question. In their preferences probably give primacy English classic, European Art Nouveau, Japanese minimalism, with ethno elements of constructivism ... The list goes on, but is it important?

Maybe there is one, the only - soulful style. When not strongly inflated budget, it can be called - soulful minimalism. May be that's all.

Of course, the idea of the customer can be transformed into a special, colorful in every wayproject, in fact, one of the main tasks of the architect - to link customer requirements with the aesthetics of the future building , not forgetting the current building regulations.

  • Private house LG (concept)
  • Country house MZ, (reconstruction)
    Kiev region
  • Housing complex ZARECHANY
    Zhytomyr region
  • Chalet YA
    Kiev region
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