Chalet YA

Kiev region
475 m2

In addition to the orientation relative to the cardinal with the most convenient solar radiation, the major role in selecting the location of the future house has played in relief with a drop of 2.7 meters is why the foundation was the home ground floor and adjacent to the future scenario of the complex landscape of the game at different levels of retaining walls complete overall composition idea. Artificially created light penetrating the building complex, ranging from the central entrance to the border of pine forest, supported by the architecture of the house a large hall in the plan for all floors and frameless widescreen glass exterior wall openings.

In facing home use contrasting colors, from light beige to the level of the ground floor to a dark gray tile roof covering, and in the decoration of the walls around the perimeter of the first level, is dominated by larch.

Clean lines circuit house, glass doorways and fences, reflective nature, floating above the remote terraced roof structure with a distinctive frame create an unforgettable image of the magnificent forest chalets to blend in a beautiful environment.

Services: architectural design, landscape design, interior design, Industrial Design, supervision.

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