Children playground


The exhibition will be implemented in 2013 InterBudExpo social project - the construction of a modern sports and playground. Construction was preceded by a design competition, which was attended by anyone. The competition has a noble theme and desire to offer its own version.

At its core - structural design (base module with a module size of 3 m), which is easy to manufacture and installation. The proposed alternative is a logical development of the playing area and the use of various components, such as: game grid elements for climbing, slides, rails, stairs, etc. Materials for production runs (basic elements of the structure) are different from the metal tube with powder coating based on technology to the wooden beams. Connectors are made of black metal, can have various forms, which allow for different manufacturing techniques. The site has a low cost, due to the fact that it has a low specific weight bearing structures of materials and does not require massive foundation supports. Can be installed without foundation pier to "shoes" with adjustable height.

Made on the basis of the winning project sports playground will be transferred to one of Kiev's homes. We are able to realize a childhood dream into a reality and make every child happy!

© Vladimir Glukhomanyuk, 2013