Expo design

Profession of architect is inextricably linked with creativity. It appears in all my works. Scope of application of my knowledge and experience different. One of the most important, "pursuing" me - architecture stands and exhibition designs.

During the last 18 years I have projected more than 800 projects at the branch, regional and international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Since the creation of copyright aluminum profiles production bases aluminum plants in Austria and Slovakia, the design of exhibitions, forums, presentations, as part of a circle of friends, co-founder PROSTYLE, I have successfully practiced, along with the architecture of private construction, design concepts and design of exhibition stands

Exhibition design - the dominant part of my work and daily professional routine. On this page, a small part of the exhibition projects implemented for the leading manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe.

  • EMAlliance
    Exhibition "Energy in the industry of Ukraine"
  • MEJ
    Exhibition "Health of the Nation 2012"
  • G-Energy
    Salon "SIA 2011"
  • AN
    Air Show "Le Bourget 2011"
  • Metals and Polymers
    Exhibition «Kyiv Build 2011"
    Exhibition «Kyiv Automotive Show»
    Exhibition «EEBC»
    Exhibition «Kyiv Automotive Show»
    Exhibition "Healthcare 2006"
    Exhibition «Elcom 2006"
    Exhibition «Kiev Build 2006"
    Exhibition "Windows Doors Profiles 2006"
    Exhibition «ProdMash & ProdPack 2005"
  • Tyco Electronics
    Exhibition "Information and communication"
  • YugContract
    Exhibition «DigiPhoto Show 2004"
    Exhibition "Information and communication 2002"
  • Lucent Technologies
    Exhibition "Information and communication 2004"
  • TNK
    Forum "Oil and Gas 2002"
    Company PROSTYLE
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