Architectural design - the basis of any construction. Comfortable accommodation, living in the house to become comfortable when it was revealed the important issues at the design stage, including - functionality of the future home, cottage, accommodation, extremely connected with architectural and planning solutions, materials used in the construction of the main structures of the walls and interior decoration. Closely linked to the future use of the house - its engineering and technical support, selection of quality production equipment.


Landscape - an organic and integral part of any architectural structure, its framing. The purpose of any landscape project and its implementation - to organize an environment as open and apply the object successfully fit it into a natural or man-made landscape. Landscape should be an integral part of the complex, its ambiance and decoration.

Interior design

The task of the architect is to create an interior that best corresponds to the wishes and the nature of future owners.

Interior Design - a unique, original transformation of ideas and suggestions, based on experience of the author, the desire for individuality in style and maximum functionality in the organization of space.

Expo design

Every project requires an individual approach, because of exposition-first of all it's a face of company, which must be memorable. Exhibition stand should support the style of the company, to talk about the scope of its activities.

In my work, I am motivated by one desire - to provide quality services and beautiful implement its plans.

Industrial design

Industrial design as an activity includes elements of art, marketing, and technology. Industrial design covers a wide range of objects around us. A special place is occupied by furniture design and interior elements, the development of forms and concepts which have deep philosophical and engineering judgment.

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